Baby Genius: 19-month-old Baby Counts Up To 50 And Reads 300 Different Words. Unbelievable!

We have all documented our first talents as babies. We all have those first songs, or first dances, or those animal sounds we mastered.

But hey, this baby has been getting a lot of attention in the internet not because of the simple talents mentioned above. This 19-year-old baby, barely two years existing can count up to 50 and read 300different words! UNBELIEVABLE

Just as its hard to wrap our heads around that fact, his mom knows just the right kind of early training into this young genius. She got him training cards which shows numbers and words and seemed to do the trick. 

This kind of fast development is rare. Scientists are still in no agreement if these early advances with babies are good or bad for the mental health. But regardless, this baby has got to be a great kid someday, and we are all looking forward to that. 

Source: TNP , Kami