Flight Attendant Adopted A Dog That Patiently Waits For Her To Return In Her Hotel

While there are some cases of abusing animals, there are also some cases that will surely restore your faith in humanity! 

Just because of a simple act of kindness, this woman was able to find her new best friend

According to Olivia Sieveres, a stray dog keeps on following her when she was assigned to the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina. She claims that the dog was trying hard to catch her attention! She was a bit terrified that's why she tried her best to avoid the animal.

But then, she was surprise when she couldn't stop herself from playing and feeding the dog. Because of her kind act, the dog then started following her everywhere. 

"I tried to change my way because I didn't want that he follow me back to the hotel," she said to Noticiero Trece. 

After that, she then chose to name the dog as Rubio, but she couldn't bring the dog with her so she left him with an airline blanket that could keep him warm

She thought that after her flight, her friendship with the stray dog will end, but she was surprised that when she returned, the dog was still patiently waiting for her.

After every 6 months, she still finds the dog outside the hotel, patiently waiting for her. She brought the dog in an animal care but he ran away and still chose to wat outside the hotel.

She then decided to fix a lot of papers for her to be able to adopt Rubio. And now, both of them are happily living together! 

Source: SocialPees TNP EliteReaders