Flying Snake Was Spotted In The Sky! Is This Real?

Flying snakes are not a strange thing. It has been seen in several shows on National Geographic Channel since there are snakes which glides and fly around. 

A rare incident was caught on camera in the sky of Morbi district in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The snake was seen flying in the sky and the Indian people were surprised with what they witnessed. 

The snakes that fly is called Chrysopelea which belongs to the family of Colubridae. The said species of snake are mildly venomous but it is only dangerous to small preys. 

The Chrysopelea is often called the 'gliding snake' which uses the ridge scales in the belly and pushes the surface of the tree trunks which allows it to move vertically.

Most of the species of the flying snakes are found in the Indonesian Archipelago. Their diet includes frogs, birds, bats, rodents and lizards.

Source: TNP, Facebook