Rio Olympics Gymnast Suffered From A Horrific Accident Leaving His Leg Dangling In A Different Angle

A tragic accident happened to a French gymnast as he attempted to land a vault on the first day of the competition in the Olympic games held in Rio. 

He suffered the indignity of having a stretcher take him to an ambulance. 

Samir Ait Said, 26, was a part of the men's qualifications event in the Rio Olympic Arena. He flew over the vault but landed poorly on his left that snapped because of his weight. 

Said was suffering from excruciating pain. He just placed his hands over his face as his left leg dangled out in an unnatural angle. 

The medical team immediately rushed to the aid of the French Gymnast. He used to compete at the World Championships in Glasgow in 2015. 

It was then revealed that the French Gymnast already suffered from a similar injury but it happened to his right leg when he was performing a vault at the 2012 European Championships and missed the London Olympics. 

Source: TNP, Facebook