Woman Who Publicly Insulted A Man Online Who Didn't Offer Her A Seat In MRT May Face Charges Of Cyber Harassment

The post of a woman named Monique Olandesca went viral after she publicly insulted a man who didn't offer her a seat in MRT. 

The online community is now urging the victim  to file a criminal charge against the woman.

Based on the opinion of some experts, publicly shaming a person online like what Monique did is considered to be a harassment

“Her post is completely an evidence, she also posted the face of the victim to harass him,” an anti-bullying activist said. 

But the final decision will still come from the 'MRT man' since the information is still yet to be confirmed, if he will be filing a case against her to face the consequences.

Based on the community standards of Facebook, posting hate messages and harassing someone online can cause the social media account of Monique to be blocked or banned.

Source: PinoyTrending